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Medical Marijuana Evaluations under prop 215Providing Qualified patients with a confidential Medical Marijuana Evaluation.

Medical Marijuana Central Coast is dedicated to providing professional, courteous and confidential medical evaluations.  Patients who might benefit from this mode of medical treatment will be given approval provided that he or she meets the required criteria as mandated by state law.
Proposition 215  (Compassionate Care Act)
specifically identifies serious medical
conditions that medical marijuana may benefit. 
Muscle spasm                                                         

 “any other chronic or persistent medical
 symptoms that either substantially limits the
 ability of the person to conduct one or more
 major life activities as defined in the Americans
 with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Public law 101-336).
 If not alleviated, may cause serious harm to
 the patient's safety or physical or mental health."
Qualified patients seeking a Cannabis approval/ recommendation are required to bring documentation of a medical condition that might benefit from this treatment.
All physicians are required by state law to provide patients with such information in writing.
A special evaluation is necessary in order for an approval to be considered.  Most insurances do not cover this medication. 
Our physician at Medical Marijuana Central Coast will perform a thorough examination, take a complete history, and will discuss potential treatment with you.  A comprehensive treatment plan will be outlined which will include making you aware of the complications, possible side effects and unwanted reactions to this treatment modality.  
Approval might be forthcoming which you can take to the Department of Public Health in your county for issuance of a Medical Marijuana Identification Card.  A recommendation might also be provided to your primary care giver at the time of your appointment. Your letter of recommendation is your proof that you are now a legal medical marijuana patient in California. You will be able to exercise all of the rights under Proposition 215 and SB420. As a legal patient you can grow, carry and consume marijuana as your medicine in California. You will be able to legally integrate medical marijuana into your treatment plan. The letter of recommendation will be signed and embossed by the doctor.
All of your medical marijuana questions will be answered in a most sensitive manner.  You should be aware of the fact that dosage, and where to procure Marijuana can not be addressed. We recommend searching online for the keywords "medical marijuana dispensary" to find locations near you. 

We value and protect the privacy of our patients and their records. We will never release your records to anyone, without your written consent.

We DO NOT report Medical Marijuana Patients or turn in any lists to any state or federal agency's. All patient's records are strictly confidential.

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